Acheivement of Ashraya Project,August 2017 to July 2018

Posted On: 02 MAY 2019

The achievement of Ashraya Project from August 2017 to July 2018 : 

Overall Project Objective (long term impact) :

To provide quality of care and protection to  girl children,  who are victims of abuse/exploitation or at risk, to help them in the healing process and prepare them for successful reintegration


Performance indicators



1. a. The victims are identified and screened. And they are placed in Emergency Receiving Facility(ERF).

· 17 new girls are referred and placed in ERF.

·    4 girls from previous year are receiving services.

·      Referral documents

·      Case documentation

·      Entry in database of government.

·      The victims remain protected without undue threats.  

1.b.The victims are assisted in their healing process

·  13 girls received  general health check-up at J & J health clinic and 12 girls received treatment at SACTS

·      2 old girls received necessary medical treatment

·      4 girls were under psychiatric treatment

·      Out of 21 girls, 12 girls attended school and 1 girl is enrolled for further studies

·         Report and test results



·         Report


·         .Report



·         .Progress report and bills of payment

·      The victims will be healed physically, psychologically and moved and assisted to move forward without any obstacles.

1.c Ways are paved for the successful reintegration of the victims/survivors

·         23 family meetings and family visit were conducted.

·      4 girls reunited with the mother.

·         Assess the services and coordination with other organizations and government offices for case referral.

·         11 girls and 1 woman were referred

·         Minute and assessment form fill up

·         Reintegration forms were filled- up and minute

·         Letter from CCWB for referral, mails and submission of case studies

·      The families will be assessed for the reintegration.

·      The bond between families and victims will be good.

·      The organizations will receive girls needing, long term support.

2. The care givers are gathered, supervised and trained.

·         3 Peer supervision meetings of psychosocial counselors were conducted in coordination with Antaranga

·         Two trainings on Art Therapy and Trauma release exercise were conducted for the psychosocial counselors.

·         1 peer supervision meeting with the residential staff members was conducted and oriented on behavioral problems through Art therapy.

·      Attendance sheet, group developed  formats



·         Attendance sheet and report

·      The caregivers will improve their skills and provide better services to the beneficiaries

3. The organizations and police recognize Kumudini’s work and support on legal cases and refer the cases.

·      6 girls referred from organizations and 15 girls are referred from police, Woman development office and school

·      MoU between Kumudini and Apeiron (NGO working with women facing gender-based violence)

·      The related government offices like WDO and CPO recognized Kumudini’s work

·      Referral letter

·      MoU


·      The organizations and police will contact Kumudini for referring rape cases.

4. The rape victims who are at home, are identified and provided support

·      11 girls and women subjected to abuse and exploitation were dealt and supported as per need.

·      Payment of Bills, request letter from parent

·      Request letter, filled-out forms

·   The victims receive necessary support and   healed.

5. The families are aware of the effects of the abuse/exploitation and ware of legal procedures.



·      Three parent’s meeting was conducted where the parents, especially mothers were sensitized about child abuse, legal procedures and positive parenting.

·   Attendance sheet, report

·   The families understand and accept the girls willingly

6. The girls are supported on legal proceedings

·      1 girl received birth certificate

·      Kumudini dealt 12 new legal cases.

There was court verdict of 7 girls.

·         Birth certificate

·         FIR, legal document

·         Phone call and minute


·   The girls and their families receive the justice.

7.The project was evaluated and received feedback

·      The external monitoring and evaluation was conducted by Social Welfare board.

·         Report



·   The government bodies become aware of the activities of the project and support the work.

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