Swabhiman "Self Respect"

Swabhiman meaning 'Self Respect' is the project with aim to operate the short term shelter home to provide the specialized and individual care for girl children subjected to trafficking, abuse and exploitation, especially from ten to eighteen years of age, or vulnerable to such situations. The Shelter home was operated in November 2021 with support from UN Trust Fund. It has a capacity of fifteen residents at a time. Besides providing food and shelter, the residents receive services from a holistic approach entailing psychosocial counseling, medical care, education, training, legal aid and recreation among others.

Kumudini believes that girl children are abused mostly due to dysfunctional family, weak family/community protection mechanism, instability in the family and poverty. It is also realized that the initial days after abuse are crucial as these children are in utmost need of psychosocial counseling, care and protection. But, it is also essential to start thinking about her reintegration, either back to the family or elsewhere, wherever she is safe and protected. Thus, Kumudini conducts family counseling as well as risk assessment in order to find out the next best place for the child. 

Under the purview of this project, Kumudini is strengthening its coordination with different government bodies such as Nepal Police, National Child Right’s Council (NCRC), Women and Children Service Centre (WCSC), One-Stop Crisis Management Centre (OCMC) and the court. Similarly, it is working in close coordination with the like-minded organizations on child protection issues.

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