Parikalpana(Completed Project)

For the care and protection of trafficking victims/survivors and GBV victims the government of Nepal has established eight rehabilitation centres and fifteen safe homes respectively. In 2012, the government also implemented the National Minimum Standards for Victim Care and Protection (NMS) and Standard Operating Procedures for rehabilitation centers (SOP) to meet the minimum criteria for care and protection of trafficking victims/survivors. These two substantive documents were prepared after several consultation meetings. However, till date not all organizations are aware of these documents and have not diligently applied while running rehabilitation centres. The services provided at the rehabilitation centres are far from adequate and also since it is meant for short stay (particularly the ones established by the government) it is observed that the time allotted is not enough for the healing process of the victims/survivors. This also pushes them back to their families where the risks may still persist and as a result once again they have high chances of being victimized and re-trafficked.

Thus, Kumudini is  implementing the project in Nuwakot –“Support to protect girl children” with the support of Asha Nepal,U.K.

  • The activities covered by this project:
  • To support in care and protection of trafficking victims/survivors, victims of abuse and exploitation
  • To work closely with the government to strengthen the existing child protection mechanism
  • To enhance the capacity of government officials and civil society members by providing psychosocial counselling training so that they can deal with victims/survivors of trafficking, abuse and rape with sensitivity and understanding.
  • To work with schools in 2 VDCs to create awareness on trafficking, abuse and exploitation of girl children.

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