Ashraya (Aug 2020-Jul 2021)

“Ashraya” project has been on-going since September 2016 with support from World Childhood Foundation. The project aims to adopt a holistic approach by keeping the child at the center and availing her of different needed services. The project also created a loose network of care-givers, particularly psychosocial counselors and residential staff members, to enhance their technical skills and confidence through clinical and peer support. Till now, Kumudini worked for care-givers of non-government organizations. In this proposed project, along with care- givers of NGOs, Kumudini will approach rehabilitation centers and safe home operated by different agencies under Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizen. Because the care-givers are the ones who despite being in direct contact with the victims are the least trained and supervised. The peer supervision meeting helps Kumudini to get referral and send the girls for the referral. This kind of meeting helps Kumudini to get support during legal process and exchanging information and knowledge.

The planned activities for the fifth year of Ashraya project 2020/2021 are as follows :

Develop and implement ’Standard Operating Procedures’ to establish uniformity in rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of sexually abused girl children 
Run 5 days’ training to police personnel on dealing with abused children and sensitize on psychosocial issues
Support 3 police station to make child friendly room and Provide information of resource mapping
Run 5 days’ residential training on basic counseling and self-care to care givers of the shelters, supported by Ministry of Women, Children and senior                  citizen
Run 3 days’ training to the staff members of Women and Children department and Ward Offices on dealing with the children
Run orientation on different types of abuses to the children of schools or child clubs. To train the teachers on basic psychosocial counseling techniques

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